Flexible Pole Cones

Extremely flexible, resistant to more than 1000 passes, proven by the TÜV Laboratory and CE certified.

The anchorage is made through metal bushings.

At the base of the pole cone there is a hole for the placement of a key of its own allowing the removal of the equipment whenever necessary.

The pole cone is treated with a varnish with protection of UV filters, an Anti-lime and Anti-salinic treatment, protecting the pole cone over time from climatic adversities.

At the base there is a hole that allows using a wrench to remove the Flexible Pole Cone.

Available in various colours

Available Sizes (Height (cm) x Diameter (cm))
  • 45 x 8
  • 65 x 8
  • 100 x 8
  • 80 x 13

Multiple Applications

  • Road Separation
  • Traffic Orientation
  • Via Verde
  • Bevels
  • Bicycle paths
  • Parking lots
  • Parking inhibitor