Parking System

Parking System

The SR-IPS system is an indoor park management system using ultrasonic sensors. Seat management is performed by an SR-PC50 controller which is installed in the information panel placed in the central seat access corridors, indicating the amount of free seats available in the respective direction.

Each seat has a single ultrasound sensor installed that automatically detects free or occupied seat. This type of solution does not require an ultrasonic emitter and receiver as is usually found in alternative solutions, allowing for greater simplicity at the electronic level.

For indication of free or occupied place a flag with a 360ยบ view is placed. This beacon consists of green and red high brightness LEDs with current drive control, thus enabling a significant increase in the life of the LEDs.

The protocol implemented for communication between the different sensors and the information panel is the CAN bus. This type of protocol is widely known and gives guarantees of good performance and reliability. The protocol used facilitates data bus installation by placing a single 4-wire cable.

For optimum visualization, an electronic panel is used which combines a graphic sector for the direction indicator signals with a seven segment display for displaying the number of free seats. The brightness of the graphic part of the panel is automatically adjusted to suit the brightness level of each sector of the park.