Flexible School Pencil Pole

Introducing the Flexible School Pencil Pole Cone: a piece of equipment to promote safety in schools and protect our children, this pencil pole cone is exceptionally flexible, designed to withstand continuous challenges and capable of supporting overlapping tyres with considerable loads. With laboratory tests and CE certification, its durability is unquestionable.

With this product, which can be used as a parking inhibitor near schools, we have managed to create an environment that differentiates the driver from the rest of the road, so that he feels he is near a school environment, and so he can redouble his attention, improving his circulation and safety conditions.

Developed with the most advanced technology and years of experience in road safety, this innovative product offers a unique and effective approach to protecting school areas in a visually attractive and functional way.

Made from a single body, and with an inner tube for added reinforcement, this bollard is built to last. It is anchored with a metal anchor for a solid, robust hold and bonded with a chemical anchor.

This Flexible School Pencil Pole Cone is resistant to the weather and UV rays, and has an anti-scale and anti-saline treatment. This means that, even with the passage of time, it remains resistant to adverse weather conditions.

With a height of 1.00 metres, suitable for withstanding the impact of passing vehicles, it is able to return to its original position after any impact.

Available in a variety of vibrant colours (Blue, Green, Yellow and Red), the flexible school pole cone not only ensures the safety of children near schools, but also adds a touch of colour and vitality to the school environment.

With more than a year’s dedication to this project, we have developed and tested it consecutively in the laboratory, and it has already been duly certified by EN 12899-3:2007.